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Fall Boot Camp begins on August 28th and goes on for 8 weeks through October 18th. Cost is $199 per person. No refunds for missed days. Every Tues and Thurs. at 5:15 pm (10 people maximum). If more than 10 people register, a second class will open at 4:15 pm (10 people maximum). Sign up begins now! See you in Boot Camp!

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Lowest Price Guarantee

Our fitness center tries to make classes as affordable as possible for members. If you can find a lower price in the area, let us know and we will beat it!

No-Contract Member Prices

Single Basic Rates
Daily Single Rate $10 (Good Only for the Day of Signup, Must Call to be Let Into the Gym)
Monthly Single Rate $25/Month
6 Month Rate $138 ($23/Month)
Yearly Single Rate $240 ($20/Month)
Two-Person Rate
Monthly $45
6-Month Rate $258
Yearly Rate $468
Family Rates
Monthly Family Rate $55
Includes Up to 3 People per Family (Grandparents, Parents, and Their Offspring Only)
$5 Additional per Month per Additional Person
Yearly Family Rate $640
Includes Up to 3 People per Family (Grandparents, Parents, and Their Offspring Only)
$60 per Additional Person

Student Rates $20
Monthly Student Rate (16 Years and Older, Student ID Required)
Veteran Rates $20
(DD214, Military ID or Other Proof Required)
Monthly Corporate Rate $20/Month per Person
(Must Maintain a 3-Person Minimum
Corporate ID Required
Fox Fire Camper Rates

Rates for Fox Fire Campground, Seasonal Only
Season Is from May 1st to October 15th

Daily Single Rate $10
Monthly Single Rate $20
Full Seasonal Single Rate $99
Monthly Family Rate $55 Includes Up to 3 People per Family (Grandparents, Parents, and Their Offspring Only)
$5 Additional per Month per Additional Person
Seasonal Family Rate $275
Includes Up to 3 People per Family (Grandparents, Parents, and Their Offspring Only)
$25 per Season per Additional Person

Fitness Training Services — Paid In Advance

Fitness Training Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., M-F
Fitness Analysis — $20 

• Weight Training
• Body Mass Index
• 4-Point Body Fat Test
• Circumference Measurements
• VO2 Max
• Heart Training Zones
• Hip-to-Waist Ratio
• Exercise Brief
• Blood Pressure (Optional)
• Postural and Flexibility Overhead Squat Assessment

Fitness Training
(These prices apply to those seeking weight loss, general fitness, athletic performance and corrective exercise improvement.)

1 45-Minute Session Doesn't Include Fitness Analysis — $35
12-Pack of 45-Minute Sessions $30 per Session, Total — $360 (Paid in Advance)
24-Pack of 45-Minute Sessions 3 Days per Week — $25 per Session, Total — $600 (Paid in Advance)

Couples Training

1 45-Minute Session $60
12-Pack of 45-Minute Sessions ($25 per Person per Session) $600
24-Pack of 45-Minute Sessions ($20 per Person per Session) $960

Couples Will Be Charged for Both Individuals Should Only 1 Show on Any Given Day

Group Training — Group Training (6 Person Minimum) $10 per Person per Session
Boot Camp $225 for 20 Sessions
Vitamin D Healthy Tanning Bed $5 per Session

15-Minute Maximum Sessions for Optimum Vitamin D Uptake and for Maximum Health
Maximum of 3 per Week Every Other Day


Changing Scheduled Training Times

Changing your scheduled training session time for any given day of training can't be guaranteed. If you can't make your scheduled time and you can't be fit in elsewhere, it is considered a missed workout.

Missed Training Workout Policy

If you miss a scheduled workout without a notification of a minimum 1 hour prior to workout, you may be charged for that session without further notice. You will be charged 1 session per week missed, whether notified or not, unless you're away on an announced trip or an emergency.

Payment Policies:

• All training packages must be paid for in advance of training unless on a pre-arranged payment plan.
• Membership fees are waived while training with any trainer.
• Members must commit to training a minimum of 1 day per week to get free membership.
• If a single member pays for a 12-pack of sessions and wishes to continue, the next 12 single sessions are only $240. Each 12-pack after that will be $300 per pack.

Other Conditions:
• There are no refunds on memberships. Instead, credits will be issued.
• No children under 10 years of age, supervised or unsupervised, are permitted to be on the main gym floor unless training with a trainer. Students 10 to 15 years old must be with a supervising adult (at least 21 years old) at all times.
• Accounts can be frozen for travels extending over 30 days.
• Any abuse of the facility or membership (such as tailgating) will be grounds for immediate membership termination without notice.
• Proximity Cards are not included in membership fees and cost a 1-time fee of $5 per card. They are purchased by the member at the time of initial sign-up.