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Conscious Fitness
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Exercise Your Way to a Better Body

Are you carrying around some extra weight? Do you get tired easily? Improve your endurance and body with fitness training from Zero Point Fitness. We offer exercise and boot camp to individuals and couples in Woodruff, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. Become a member today and start working your way to a better body.

A Space That's Built for Training

Our gym has private changing rooms along with separate men's and women's bathrooms, complete with private showers in each. For your entertainment, we provide an iPod and iPhone station with stereo and CD player. You'll feel safe when you arrive and leave because we have 24-hour electronic and video surveillance, and a computer-controlled proximity entry system. One of the best things about our center is that you can enjoy the serenity of the Northwoods while on your journey to a newer, fitter, and better you.

Gym Equipment

Get Motivated to Get into Shape

Change the way you think and feel about fitness by enlisting in our boot camp that's held in the spring and fall. This 1-hour-per-day, 2-days-a-week, 10-week course is designed for men and women ages 15 and up. It includes both individual competition as well as group competition. The course is designed to cultivate a competitive spirit, camaraderie, leadership, and confidence in all of its participants. Sessions include:

• Circuit Training Relays
• Cardio Endurance Relays
• Balance and Stability Training
• Outdoor Trail Runs and Obstacle Course
• LUHS Climb Wall Training
• Zero Point Fitness Outdoor Low Profile Obstacle Course
Woman Crossing Rope Bridge Man Swinging on a Tire Man Going Through Obstacle Course

Reach Your Fitness Goals with Modern Equipment

Build muscle and lose fat by working out on our equipment. We have all new equipment made and purchased locally right here in Wisconsin.

Cardio Equipment
• 2 Vision 9700 Treadmills
• 1 Vision U70 Upright Bike
• 1 Vision R70 Recumbent Bike
• 2 Vision S70 Elliptical Trainers
• 1 Vision T-80 Treadmill — With Virtual Active Mode
• 1 Club Water Rower (Featured on The Biggest Loser)
Weight Equipment
• 1 Hoist Hyper Back Extension
• 1 Hoist Leg Extension and Curl Machine
• 1 Hoist Hyper Back Extension Machine
• 1 Hoist ROC-IT Plate Loaded Calf Raise
• 2 Sets of Jungle Gym GT Body Weight Straps
• 1 Hoist Chest Press, Incline Press, and Shoulder Press
• 1 Full-Size Wall-Mounted Punching Bag with Gloves Supplied
• 2 Movable Hoist Incline/Decline Benches
• 1 Hoist 1900 Functional Training Gym with 2wo 200 Pounds Stacks
• 1 Large Rack of Hampton Dura-Bell Dumbbells from 2 lbs. to 50 lbs. with Double Sets of Dumbbells for the 5 lbs. to 20 lbs. Range
• 1 Hoist 1000 Multi-Functional HILO Pulley and Bi-Directional Smith Machine (With Vertical and Horizontal Motion) — The Only One of Its Kind in the Area
Additional Accessories
• Floor Mats
• Foam Rolls
• Stability Balls
• Medicine Balls
• Ankle Weights
• Wrist Straps/Clips
• Resistance Tubes and Bands
Products for Sale in the Gym
• Zero Point Fitness T-Shirts — Regular and Run Club • 18"x6" Diameter Foam Rolls • Sun Tanning Protective  Glasses • Jarrow Protein Powder