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 "Don't resist exercise, instead resist your excuses not to go. Resist going quietly into the night. Resist becoming your lowest common denominator. Resist disease. Resist aging. Resist mediocrity. Decide instead to live a life of greatness and shine bright for all the world to see." - Robert Krueger

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CONSCIOUS FITNESS is a timely and important book that invites its readers to gain a new perspective on health and wellness. It involves looking at nutrition, exercise, and overall fitness from our most basic level, pure energy, otherwise known as Zero Point Energy. It is a modern journey into critical thought, intended to rid the reader of limiting beliefs they may have about their health, weight, level of fitness and their capacity to change. This book begins with an exploration of human health and wellness from an energy perspective. At the most subatomic level, ultimately, we are nothing but pure energy and the health of that energy affects our outward mental and physical well-being. This energy can be found (or hidden) by the conscious mind, and its canvas is our very bodies and our minds. Through the use of new scientific research, quantum science, philosophy, exercise physiology, spirituality, nutrition, and motivational science, the reader is introduced to a new belief system. This system challenges the reader to consider new possibilities regarding their health and wellness.




“Attaining infinite possibilities is only prevented by the barriers we build in our minds” - Bob Krueger


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