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                                           About the gym

Prevent issues resulting from a sedentary lifestyle with fitness training at our no-contract gym in Woodruff, Wisconsin. Nestled in the Northwoods, Zero Point Fitness is the area's only year-round, fully equipped, fitness training center owned and operated by a certified trainer.

Author and air combat veteran, Bob Krueger, is one of the area's most experienced fitness and athletic trainers. Along with our certified and insured staff, he helps you become fitter and healthier through research-based fitness training.

Our 1,800-square-foot, newly renovated facility features new Hoist weightlifting equipment, Vision cardio equipment, and the area's only water rower. Additionally, we have a low profile outside obstacle course where you can really get a workout. Swimming is available at a nearby lakeside beach in the summer for members only. You receive a total fitness program at our center.

About The Owner

Military Career

Bob Krueger is a retired Lt Col and former military pilot who flew the KC-135 aerial refueler during most of his career. During this time, he was often his units athletic officer and was responsible for his units fitness testing. As a result of his career, he has had the opportunity to visit gyms all over the world and uses all his military experiences in his businesses today.

Fitness Career

Bob Krueger started his fitness career in June of 1997 when he received his initial fitness training certification through International Sports Science Association (ISSA). He was personally trained at that time by Dr. Fred Hatfield (the world record holder for the squat in his weight class at 1,014 lb.). During this time, Bob had the pleasure of being trained by Chris Evans, former Mr. Australia, and by Ian Harrison, World Class bodybuilder in the 1980s, who was often on the cover of Muscle and Fitness.

Most Recently

Bob has completed an accredited course as a certified fitness trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He also holds additional certifications as a corrective exercise specialist, fitness nutrition specialist, and a performance enhancement specialist.

He is highly qualified in human movement science, muscle imbalances and correction, injury prevention and recovery, and in working with semi-pro and high school athletes. Bob has working relationships with local physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and others in the medical community regarding his clients. He has also published his first book on fitness called Conscious Fitness: From Limited Beliefs To Mindful Health.

Bob is also studying towards a PhD in Aerospace Science with the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks for a dual specialization in Space Human Factors (Physiology) and Planetary Science. He hopes to work on reducing the hazards of space on the human body through exposure reduction, exercise and artificial gravity systems.

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Bob Krueger

Fitness Trainer, Founder


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