You can become a member or renew your memberhip in 3 easy steps!!
Step 1: Read the following waiver

Waiver and release from liability for use of facilities

I,_____, HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE, and forever discharge Robert Krueger, other family members, Zero Point Fitness, Fox Fire Campground, their agents, workers, employees, officers, directors, affiliates, successors and assigns, of and from any and all claims, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of every kind and nature, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, that I ever had or may have, arising from or in any way related to my participation in any of the events or activities conducted by, on the premises of, or for the benefit of, Bob Krueger, family members, Zero Point Fitness, or Foxfire Campground provided that this waiver of liability does not apply to any acts of gross negligence, or intentional, willful or wanton misconduct.

I understand that the activities that I will participate in are inherently dangerous and may result in grievous injuries, including bodily injury, damage to personal property and/or death. I waive all claims for damages, injuries and death sustained by myself, my heirs, assigns, next of kin, or my property, that I may have against the affirmation and released party to such activity.

By this Waiver, I assume any risk, and take full responsibility and waive any claims of personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with the above-mentioned parties including but not limited to taking aerobics classes or other cardiovascular classes, the facility, using said facility and its equipment in any manner, form or fashion to include engaging in weight training activities, or any other related activities on or off the property to include the tanning bed, any outside activities or programs that may be taken on at such facilities to include swimming classes, snowshoeing or any other programs conducted by Zero Point Fitness or Foxfire Campground whether conducted separately or jointly. 

I have read, understand and totally agree with the tenants of this WAIVER AND RELEASE, I understand that I have given up considerable future legal rights and that I sign this waiver under no duress or threat of duress and that I have my complete mental faculties. My signature is proof of my intention to execute a complete WAIVER AND RELEASE of all liability to the full extent of the law. I am 18 years of age or older and completely competent to enter into this waiver. I understand may be asked for my driver's license as proof of ID before I will be granted membership and that continued membership is conditional upon proper use of the facility and respect for its members. I completely understand that membership can be revoked at any time without notice and without refund if terminated due to my own negligence, inability to pay for services or intentional property damage and/or theft.

Changing Scheduled Training Times

Changing your scheduled training session time for any given day of training can't be guaranteed. If you can't make your scheduled time and you can't be fit in elsewhere, it is considered a missed workout.

Missed Training Workout Policy

If you miss a scheduled workout without a notification of a minimum 12 hours prior to workout, you will be charged for that session without further notice. You will be charged 1 session per week missed, whether notified or not, unless you're away on an announced trip or an emergency.

Payment Policies:

• All training packages must be paid for in advance of training unless on a pre-arranged payment plan. 
• Membership fees are waived while training with any trainer.
• Members must commit to training a minimum of 1 day per week to get free membership.

General Policies:


• There are no refunds on memberships. Instead, credits will be issued.
• No children under 10 years of age, supervised or unsupervised, are permitted to be on the main gym floor unless training with a trainer. Students 10 to 15 years old must be with a supervising adult (at least 21 years old) at all times.
• Accounts can be frozen for travels extending over 30 days.
• Any abuse of the facility or membership (such as tailgating) will be grounds for immediate membership termination without notice.
• Key Fobs are not included in membership fees and cost a 1-time fee of $10 per fob. They are purchased by the member at the time of initial sign-up. Returned fobs will get the deposit returned.

**Refund Policy: Zero Point Fitness is a “No Contract” Gym. Monthly memberships are non-refundable under any circumstances. Unused portions of Annual membership are refundable but will be adjusted and refunded at the monthly rate.

Step 2: To pay cash or check in person, skip this step and move onto step 3. To pay online, click on the desired membership "buy now" button. Note: Daily drop ins are not accepted. $10 will be added to your total for 1 key fob (more are extra). It's a refundable Key fob deposit returned when you return your key fob. Weekly membership MUST BE PAID FOR ONLINE. Online prices have an approx. 5% charge added for credit card charges, if you want to avoid these cash on arrival when permitted.
1 person membership
- $50 / week
- $73 / 2 month
- $199 / 6 month
- $350 / 12 month
2 Month
1 Week
6 Month
1 Year
2 person membership - no weekly
- $130 / 2 month
- $330 / 6 month
- $600/ 12 month
2 Month
6 Month
1 Year
 Immediate Family of 3 membership - no weekly - ($5 more per additional child will be due by cash or check upon arrival)  
- $156 / 2 month
- $359 / 6 month
- $749 / 12 month
2 Month
6 Month
1 Year
Student membership - (ID required at check in) - no weekly
- $53 / 2 month
- $159 / 6 month
- $318 / 12 month
2 Month
6 Month
1 Year
Veteran membership - (ID required at check in) - no weekly
- $53 / 2 month
- $159 / 6 month
- $318 / 12 month
2 Month
6 Month
1 Year
Fox Fire Seasonal (campers only). No weekly
- $26.50 / month (no online payment available, must pay in person)
- $104 / season (May 1st through Oct 15th)
                                                                                                     prices are per person
For the Season

Fitness Analysis - $40

Includes: Caliper Body Fat Test, Weight and tape measurements, Muscle balance test and fitness analysis and spreadsheet - You will be contacted for appointment scheduling

Fitness Analysis
Corporate membership - (3 minimum - Call for details. The corporate CEO/Owner must pay for their individuals in one payment per month. We won't collect from the individuals themselves)
Step 3: Fill out form below and cut and paste the following statement into the message box below and hit submit then call for an appointment to get your key fob at the gym. We will call as soon as we see your application but please feel free to beat us to the phone! Thank you!
"I have read and agree to the waiver and acknowledge that by hitting the submit button  I have electronically signed the waiver and further acknowledge that I don't have any medical conditions that would prohibit me from exercising in the gym and if I do I will provide a letter from my doctor stating that I am approved to exercise given my condition."


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Staff hours are similar to training times and are random. Calling for initial setup is recommended.


Phone:  (715) 892-8338


Service Area:  Woodruff, WI, & Surrounding Areas


Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


Address:  11165 Fox Fire Rd, Woodruff, WI 54568

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