This book is largely about the limited beliefs that people have when it comes to their health and their lives. It discusses several limiting beliefs that many people have that just aren't true that prevent them from attaining sufficient success. It is an attempt to change peoples worldview on a variety of health-related subjects.


These primarily include the worldview of looking at ourselves as pure energy and dealing with our health issues from that perspective. Other limited beliefs discussed include how we deal with stress, how we can influence or change our DNA, as well as our apparent age. It also covers how we look at the sun and its effects on our bodies and how we can use it to our advantage or disadvantage. Our limited beliefs of how we look at the function and role of cholesterol in our bodies. We examine and attempt to correct limited beliefs regarding our body weight, nutrition, exercise and sleep. Perhaps most importantly we look at the psycho-physiological interactions and effects of the mind and its influence on the physical body.


Opening quote of the book: ““In order to change your life for the better, you must think and act differently than you are. The same beliefs and the same lifestyle yield the same results. Your actions are powerful and can have either consequences or rewards for you and everyone close to you. It is up to you to decide which one of these your actions will have. So how should you act? Act with honor and respect for yourself and others and ask yourself two questions, “What will be the consequences of my actions?” and “Will I be happier as a result of my actions now and into the future?” God has given you free will. The choice is solely yours, choose wisely.”

Conscious Fitness: From Limited Beliefs to Mindful Health - Robert Krueger