Zero Point News!

All Memberships must now sign up for membership and pay online at this site. No money  accepted at the gym

Sundays - No phone hours or key fob pickups

Masks are optional in the gym.


Memberships are now by the week, 1 month, 2 month, 6 month or 12 month option only for online. Prices have changed, please see prices under member sign up for details. Daily drop in's are no longer accepted.


Fitness Training is currently suspended due to COVID until further notice.


COVID 19 requested client actions: It is all of our responsibilities to keep the gym clean and everyone healthy. With this in mind, I STRONGLY encourage all members to use the following procedures at the gym:

1. IF YOU ARE SICK, NOT FEELING WELL, OR HAVE A TEMPERATURE...DO NOT COME TO THE GYM!!! I recommend you bring your own towel to the gym to cough in if necessary and to wipes sweat. Always wash and/or replace that towel with each visit to the gym!!

2. Stop in the bathroom first and wash your hands for 20 seconds

3. Wipe down the non-electric parts of the equipment you are using BEFORE you begin. We have several options at the desk for cleaning.

4. Wipe down the non-electric parts of the equipment you are using AFTER you finish with our spray bottles. Use provided anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down all electric handles and displays EXCEPT for the computer monitors on the two elliptical and the one treadmill. Don't attempt to clean those...we will do that.

5. Stop in the bathroom before you leave and wash your hands for 20 seconds

If you follow these simple precautions you will be partaking in keeping the gym clean and healthy for all and I thank you in advance. Now go exercise! Welcome back!!


Zero Point Fitness is now equipped with an AED! One less excuse not to come so get on in soon!

​Key fob required to enter and provided upon the first visit. Key fobs require a REFUNDABLE $10 deposit. Thank you!

- Current member? Get in a friend for at least 2 months and you both get one week free!